MC 12000 Bobbin Winding

JoAnn Novak

  Jim I missed the info on winding a bobbin. 
  Could you please post the info again.  I will print it out
  and save it.  What would we do without you.  I have a terrible
  time winding bobbins.  I purchased a separate winder but
  would prefer using my machine. 
  Also, is there a setting on the 15000 so the bobbin could be used
  until completely empty.  Mine always leave quite a bit of thread
  on the bobbin.
 Thank you so much,  JoAnn
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Firing up the WABAC machine, Jim says:
This method applies to the 12000, NOT the 15000. You can adjust the bobbin warning level using the SET key. There are settings in both the sewing and embroidery settings.

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