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Jim_Stutsman <jim@...>

The + and - keys can be used to move the hoop forward by 1 stitch, 10, or 100 stitches, depending on how long you hold it down. See "Stitch backward/forward keys" on page 112 of the instruction book.

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Thanks vikki, I did try the + and - buttons but it jumped me forward to next colour change or back to previous one....I only needed to go back maybe 40 -50 stitches?
Sharon in Aus

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You should be able to hit the + or - button to go forward or backward within
a particular color sequence. I just shut everything down for the night, so I
can't verify it now; but I think that the presser foot had to be up for this
to work. There is also a "resume" command in the settings but I haven't
played with it. The default for that is "off".


Houston, TX

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