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What you need is the Superior Thread Stand.  I find it wonderful as it enables you to feed the thread off from the top for crosswound or from the side for straight wound - I bought it from Barnyarns in UK for £20.95 which is quite expensive but worth every penny and you should be able to find it easily in US.  I use it all the time on my vintage machines that only have vertical pins and on my modern machines that have the major pin horizontal.

I find the vertical pin on both my Elna Diva and the 15000k fiddly to actually put on the machine - it's much easier to use the Superior one.

You can see it here - and there is a link to some videos showing it in use.

What I really like about it is the top thread guide is adjustable and I can even place that over my horizontal spool pin to feed it to the first thread guide on my machines so the thread is coming from the 'normal' place - I have a photo here on my blog showing what I mean on my Elna Diva - - you'll need to look a bit down the page.

You can place it where ever you want - back, side or front of your machine - which ever suits.


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Jim: The problem with putting the spool on the  horizontal holder is the bottom of the thread spool is not slim to fit on it correctly. It has the wide bottom like most manufacturers produce now for embroidery thread instead of the small spools.
I'll have to go and see if I can find a horizontal holder for the top that can accommodate the larger spool bottoms. Not sure if Janome even produces something like that but will take a look.

Thanks for the help.


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 I have some metallic thread from BFC and have no problems.
 Slow your machine done more to see if that helps.
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What am I doing wrong? I was using metallic thread on a FSL design on the MC12000 but the thread kept shredding and breaking. I did use a embroidery metallic needle on Vilene WSS. I used embroidery poly in the bobbin to match the metallic. I had the speed set down to 500 and the spool is on the spool holder on the back of the machine. The thread is BFC so not sure if it makes a difference. 



Trying not to break the conversation thread, Jim says:

Everything sounds right except the spool holder. When metallic thread is fed vertically off the top of the spool it tends to twist and knot up at the eye of the needle. Ideally you would want it to roll off the side of the spool horizontally. If you put the extra spool pin through the round tray and then into the hole on top of your machine, you may have better luck. Put the spool felt under the spool as well.

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