Re: Metallic thread shredding/breaking - Help

Linda M

I use a size 14 needle (not even a metallic one), I wind my bobbins with metallic thread (the same colour) for FSL and leave the bobbins relax overnight...I have my machine set to 80% of the top speed and it works great for me.  

Linda M.

On Tue, Nov 25, 2014 at 10:29 AM, juliadlf1 <no_reply@...> wrote:

What am I doing wrong? I was using metallic thread on a FSL design on the MC12000 but the thread kept shredding and breaking. I did use a embroidery metallic needle on Vilene WSS. I used embroidery poly in the bobbin to match the metallic. I had the speed set down to 500 and the spool is on the spool holder on the back of the machine. The thread is BFC so not sure if it makes a difference. 



Trying not to break the conversation thread, Jim says:

Everything sounds right except the spool holder. When metallic thread is fed vertically off the top of the spool it tends to twist and knot up at the eye of the needle. Ideally you would want it to roll off the side of the spool horizontally. If you put the extra spool pin through the round tray and then into the hole on top of your machine, you may have better luck. Put the spool felt under the spool as well.

Linda M.

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