Re: Thread Cutting


I am in the embroidery mode, doing a quilting design using the Acufil hoop.  The design is 1 color and appears like it should be continuous but it stops at all the jumps, cuts and doesn't restart by itself.  I have to hit start, pull the thread up, then restart.  On my previous embroidery machines, they would always restart after the jumps and trims as long as it was the same color.  Any suggestions?  Right now I am cutting all the jumps myself after the design is finished or I would have to sit there and restart the design 7 times during the 1300 stitches.  It's one of the build in quilting designs.

Maybe I'll try turning off the one stitch stop and see if that helps but any suggestions would be appreciated


Exhausted from all the jumping and cutting, Jim says:

As Diane points out in the videos, the AcuFil designs are not all the same color. If you don't explicitly change the colors as you combine them, you can wind up with a lot of unwanted color stops. That may be what's happening here. If you have a 15000 V2 you can use the Single Color key (Page 138 in the V2 manual) to sew the entire design as one color, which would eliminate the stops.

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