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Thanks Jim, for you advice regarding Horizon Link, it works now! Once I had figured out the Dutch words for My Computer etc. I found the JSMC859 but with an exclamation mark beside it. It said it needed a driver and I could install it from the CD-rom.
I'm glad that problem is solved.

I already made sure to put in my needle all the way up, so that is not the problem. And it is only on the far right that it misses the stitches. So maybe I just have to take my machine to the dealer.

Thanks again,

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You've changed needles, but also make sure that the needle is up into the clamp as far as it will go? Loosen the clamp a lot, then push up on the needle and tighten.

Regarding your PS - Right click on "My Computer" & choose "Properties". In the property dialog click the "Hardware" tab and then the "Device Manager" button. In the device manager look for the JSMC859 device. Does it have a question mark next to it? If so, double click to see what the problem is (most likely driver). If it's missing, then it has not been detected or installed. There should be a desktop icon that says "JSMC859 Installer". Double click that to install/reinstall the driver.

--- In janome12000@..., "pinguin60@..." wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a problem, I'm doing decoratieve stitches (satin nr.3 and
> quiltstitch 31) but every now and then the needle skips a stitch on the
> right side of the stitch (when the needle swings right) And when this
> happens with more stitches after each other, the thread tangles and breaks.
> The thread also sometimes shreads and breaks.
> I tried different needles. And I cleaned the bobbin area. But it still
> happens.
> Tomorrow I will call my dealer, but maybe one of you has a solution now.
> Thanks,
> Gerda
> PS My machine and Horizon link via Mac/Parallels still don't talk
> although the computer 'sees' the connection.

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