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Thanks for the information. Well, my husband was able to load it on his laptop this morning after all. Then he saved it to an external hard drive and was able to get it going on this old desktop! So guess we will wait on the laptop awhile longer.

I have more learning to do here! I figured out how to send a design from the Digitizer to my machine via the Horizon Link this afternoon, so that's a start! :)

Have a great weekend,


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The Digitizer MBX disc is a DVD, not a CD. That's why your computer can't read it. Some computers don't come with DVD drives to save the manufacturer cost. It's something to check for when buying a new computer. You have to read through the code words to see what you are getting:
DVD-ROM means you can read DVDs, but you cannot burn them.
DVD-R means you can read DVDs and burn standard, single layer DVDs.
DVD-DL means you can read DVDs and burn dual-layer high capacity DVDs.
If you don't want to buy a new computer, you can buy an external DVD drive for less than $100 at an big box electronics store, or online sources such as Amazon or NewEgg. They connect by USB.

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Hello again,

I have another problem! I just received my Digitizer MBX upgrade. I have Digitizer Pro.

My husband and I tried to install the upgrade, but the drive is not reading the CD.

We have Windows XP, but my husband says it should work.

We've had problems with the disc drive in the past; but it read the Horizon Link fine and we had installed it earlier. My husband put the Horizon Link CD back in the drive tonight to check and it read that CD.

Then my husband put the Digitizer CD in his work laptop with
Windows 7. It did not read the disc either.

Are we doing something wrong or do I have a defective Digitizer CD?!

Any advice you can supply will be greatly appreciated! I don't know at this point if it's our old computer or the Digitizer CD! Or maybe we are doing something wrong here! We have thought about getting a new laptop for me, but if it's not the problem I will hang onto the old desktop awhile longer.


Marla Cooprider

PS If I missed a post about this, I apologize. I did a search but didn't find a topic about this.

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