Re: Janome 12000 Update Release - Question


We updated a friend's MC12000 yesterday.  Everything went fine.  We also updated DigiMBX v4.5.  It did what it was supposed to also..... added the RE hoop to the 12000 hoop list.  We didn't play with anything extensively since we were doing this between other things.  The only thing we didn't update was Horizon Link.  She has a newish Win 8 computer and we couldn't find the disk to install it so we could update it.

hope this helps.    Just be patient with the downloads.  They take a while.  Also, I usually print out the instructions so I can refer to them when I'm feeling insecure.  And be patient while updating the machine.  (I usually walk off and leave it so I won't worry too much)  The nice Finish on the blue screen is always a relief.

Annette in Louisiana

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