copy, paste problem


Hi Jim

I sure hope you can help me out before I go completely nuts

my problem being that when I try to copy and paste a design

parts of the design are not copying.

I am using MBX software,  edit, select all, copy,then new,  paste 

and that's when the fun starts, am I missing something? it never used to do this

also I have noticed that since the update to version 2 on 15000 and Horizon link suite

some of the designs sort of brake up into silly bits e.g an outline will do so many 

stitches, stop tie off then go back and start where it left off, go figure Please 

Many Thanks for any help or suggestions

Kind Regards

Sandra (UK)

Resisting the urge to break into silly bits, Jim says:

By chance is the copy/paste problem happening with a design that has been opened from a stitch file (i.e. not JAN format)? As Maggie recently explained, there is a huge difference between a design that is created as a JAN and one that is opened from a stitch file (JEF, PES, HUS, etc.). When a stitch file is opened in EasyDesign MBX will do its best to guess what the various parts should be, but this is only a guess on the part of a computer that lacks the wisdom to distinguish between a car, a cow and a butterfly. Typically these interpretations result in a lot of stitch blocks that are "manual" type, and those can cause all kinds of unexpected behavior, including jumps, strange cuts and tie-offs.

There's not really enough information to address the V2 question. Note that re-ordering the layers using the tool at the right side of the HorizonLink window could cause some strangeness, but without knowing what you are doing I can't offer much help.

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