Re: Janome 12000 Update Release - Question

Tony Coley

I have updated 3 machines (15000) to Version 2.0 and had no problems. You MUST read the FULL instruction before starting. Some react violently when the screen turns red and panic. Just let the update run uhntil the screen says "FINISHED", turn the machine off, unplug the jump drive and restart the machine. Wch the start up screen in the lower right and you should see "Ver. 2.0".
Happy updating.
Tony in South Alabama

On Wednesday, November 12, 2014 10:40 AM, juliadlf1 wrote:

I'd like to hear from anyone who had their machine updated by their dealer, since the dealers got the update already, and were there any glitches, ie machine issues?

I know they'll release sometime soon the update for ALL to access, but waiting to see if anyone already got the update done and feedback on the changes.


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