Hoop Storage for 12000

JoAnn Novak

  I have the 15000 but the hoops are the same.
  Someone suggested a "Purse Rack" it works perfectly.
  I purchased this rack at Bed Bath & Beyond.
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Meryl?, I put up 2 clear pegbords from Amazon (2' X 4' each).  They work great for hanging hoops & all other sewing stuff.
Vicki Jo

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Any great ideas for storing MC12000 hoops? I have little drawer organizers for feet and stuff, which I have labeled. I don't really use the storage tray that came with the machine. Right now my hoops are in their box in my closet nestled between my fabric shelving and some other storage bins. God help me if I have to travel with them. The embroidery hoops that came with my Viking live in a hard case with the embroidery unit. The extra, larger hoops I purchased are in the same place as my Janome hoops.

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