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Gail Berkler

In my opinion, is it necessary, probably not, however, when I had the 12000 when I was having any problems with embroidery and it wasn't looking nice I would change plates and it seemed to fix the problem

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Hi Everyone,

I bought a used 12000 from my local dealer back in August. I went through the book to make sure I had everything, and of course I didn't. They ordered a couple of the missing items, but to date, I haven't gotten the embroidery needle plate and embroidery bobbin holder, and I don't have the button shank plate. They are going out of business at the end of the year, and have decided that I purchased the machine "as is"(something that wasn't discussed at the time), and if I want those things I need to purchase them. question is, how often do you guys even use the embroidery needle plate and bobbin holder? I know I want the button shank plate, but is it worth it to buy the other two items?

Thanks so much!


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