Update for 12000 Horizon Link

Kay Davis

Apologizing in advance if this has been asked and answered, but....the update for Horizon Link on the Janome website says it's for the 15000 owner and will update to 1.2 version.  Does this mean I shouldn't update with it if I have a 12000 instead?  Or does that matter?   TIA, Kay

Wondering if he matters, Jim says:
The 15000 uses HorizonLink Suite, while the 12000 uses HorizonLink. It's unfortunate that they chose such similar names, since they are completely different products. The 1.2 update for HorizonLink Suite will not install on HorizonLink. In another week or so 12000 owners should see a machine update that will support the RE-18 hoop, and at that time I would expect there to be an update for HorizonLink. The current version of HorizonLink is 1.10.

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