MBX - Stitch or block format

Judi Anderson

Eventually I was going to get the MBX software but after reading some of these messages I am a little confused.  I work with Compucon Pro level for our commercial machines at work so I am used to digitizing in block format.  The only problem is that I have to bring the key home to make designs for my 12000 and that was why I was going to get my own personal digitizing program.  Are you really saying that MBX only works with stitches and not blocks.  It's a lot harder to do editing when you have to do stitch by stitch.  Am I understanding the MBX program correctly?

Overcoming his blockhead tendencies, Jim says:

MBX does both. It comes with EasyDesign, which works somewhat like your Compucon software. Also included is EasyEdit, which works with stitch files. As a bonus you also get Corel Draw for manipulating images.

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