Re: stitches on 7700 and other questions


I'm still confused about the binder- is there one that can be used both on the 12000 and the cover pro? Thanks!

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Jim - a few questions for you.

1. Is there any chart on the Janome site that will show the stitches
on the 7700 machine?. The binder video on the Canadian site refers to
stitch #100 on the 7700 when using the binder. I sold my 7700 after I
bought the 12000 machine and not able to look at what the stitches are to
find comparable stitches.

2. I bought the quilt binder today that Diane found works with the
12000 accufeed foot and am wondering if this same binder works on the Janome
1000 Cover Pro.

3. I know this is not a serger list, but do you know if there might be
a workbook for the Janome 1200D serger? I would like some inspiration for
using it.

Thanks so much!


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