Re: stitches on 7700 and other questions

Jim_Stutsman <jim@...>

Here's a stitch chart for the 7700:

I found 2 projects using Digitizer MBX here:
My guess is that they have removed all projects for previous versions now that MBX is here. As for lessons, if you don't have Digitizer MBX it is possible to get an instructional DVD for Digitizer Pro/MB V3 from Trevor Conquergood:

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Thank you, Jim. I did not particularly like using a decorative stitch on
top of the binding either, but it caused me to want to know if there is a
chart anywhere that Janome has that would show you what the stitches are on
the 7700 machine. There were some there that I really liked - and probably
they are also on the 12K machine but I would love to see a chart if one

Just wondering - there used to be lots of lessons on the Janome site for
Digitizer and now I can't find them. Have they taken away the lessons, or
am I just not seeing where they are located?


1. Stitch 100 is a quilting serpentine stitch. That's one option, but in our
tests and videos we used a straight stitch.

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