Re: MBX and RE18 hoop

Donna Morton

Sorry Jim but the  new RE18 hoop for the 15000 is not the same size as the 11000 RE hoop.  The RE 18 is 5.5 X 7 inches.  The 11000 RE hoop is 5.5 X 7.87 inches.  That 0.87 inches difference in length makes quite a difference and designs that are longer than 7 inches will not fit in the new RE18.
Donna M

Reminding himself to measure twice before speaking once, Jim says:
You're right of course. The 18 in the hoop name corresponds to its length of 180mm, a full 2cm short of the original 5 x 7 (B & RE). This is sure to cause confusion to those who have a "5 x 7" design that relies on the original Janome 5 x 7 measurement of 5.5 x 7.87. When such a design is used on the 12000 or 15000 it will automatically be promoted to require a larger hoop.

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