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Janome supports 64-bit operation of Horizon Link, but the program itself is 32-bit. The problem with communication could be due to software versions. The machine has been updated to version 1.01 and Horizon Link is also at 1.01. If you have not updated both, you can find the files you need here:
Machine Update -
Horizon Line Update -

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I use Parallels to run Windows XP on my Mac notebook. I had no problems
installing the Windows XP software that came with my old Dell PC, I just
entered the numbers and registered online.
Before I bought Parallels I tried it a month for free and just before
the 30th day I received an offer with a nice discount if I bought it. So
it is worth to wait for that. And because I waited until the end of the
trial period, it was already August so when they upgraded Parallels I
was entitled to a free upgrade (didn't know that but they emailed me to
notify me)

I use Parallels to run Embird and EQ7 and the software that came with
the 12000. The only problem I have is that my machine and the Mac can't
communicate, probably because my XP version is 32 bits and Janome needs
64 bits.

But most of the time I store my embroidery designs on an USB stick and
put that in the machine.

And my machine came with a small Acer notebook with Windows 7 (starter
version) and the Horizon Link and Stitch Composer already installed. So
if I want to use Horizon link, I can use this Acer.

Coming Tuesday my dealer has an introduction of the new software, but it
will cost 1299 Euro's and that is above my budget right now. I will go
and just have a look to see what it does. And there are also new feet
for the 12000 so I will probably buy one or two.

The Netherlands

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