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StitchBuddy was the first 3rd party program to support the 12000. The current version is really nice, with more features including a fun stitch simulator. I wasn't much impressed with Embrilliance Essentials, so I have no idea whether they support the 12000.

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Oh, interesting! Well, that would certainly color your choice right there. ;)

I use it to run Ubuntu on my Mac. There's a real advantage there, because Linux distros are updated often, and I quickly got tired of buying a newer version of Fusion or Parallels just to get the virtual tools working again, where VB updates are frequent, dependable, and free. I'm really not a Windows user so I didn't know about that limitation.

Do you know if the 12000 is supported by Stitch Buddy or Embrilliance Essentials? The one local shop that sells Janomes doesn't have any Mac users among their number, and I haven't gotten that serious yet to contact the software vendors. It certainly has a lot of interesting features. I'm still at the "drooling over the brochure" stage at the moment.

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Back then it simply did not work with Janome's Digitizer software.

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