Re: Clear adhesive we have to put on the left side of needle plate

Jim_Stutsman <jim@...>

I'm sure you could cut that down to fit. Many of the screen protectors use a "static cling" effect to hold them on the screen, which would not work on the surface of the machine. Sticky plastics, like the ruler things mentioned, would stay on but will leave a mess when removed. Also sticky edges tend to collect thread and lint, leaving furry edges.

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Hi Kris
How about the screen protectors used for iPads? I am at work at present (nurse on night duty) but I suspect that it would work...and when scratched would be easily replaced!
Sharon - also from Aus!

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I was wondering if it is possible to get more of that clear adhesive that came with the machine to protect the metal from the hoop. I do a lot of sewing and use a lot of pins and I can see scratches on the steel plate on the right side of the needle plate already :(

I would like to get some more protective adhesive to cover this side of the plate also

Kris in Aus who loves her 12000

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