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It doesn't matter where the needle is. Pulling the lever down activates the sensor and lets the machine know you're ready to make a buttonhole. Perhaps it was just a little stiff, or you were too timid in pulling it down. If it happens again see your dealer - this is an easy adjustment for them to make.

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If someone else has asked this, I apologize. But I was having trouble making buttonholes using the Sensor BH. I pulled the lever down all the way but my machine kept giving me a warning to pull the lever down.

I called and spoke with a lady at my Janome dealer and she asked me to shut off the machine. It still gave me the warning and she advised me to bring my machine in to them. I told her I would play with it some more first. After shutting down a second time and re-selecting the stitch it was fine.

Does it matter if I put the needle down into the material first? I wouldn't think so. But I wonder if that is why I was getting the warning.

Hopefully whatever was going on was cleared up after I shut my machine off the second time!

If anyone else has experienced this, I'd appreciate any feedback!

Marla Cooprider

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