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Barb Engvall

I am new to this group but not to Janome. I have an 11000 that I purchased 6+ years ago and the thing I wanted most in an upgrade was a larger hoop. I had to take another machine in for service yesterday (150 miles away to dealer) and discovered that they wanted to get rid of their 15000 floor model - I wasn't planning on buying anything but I ended up taking it home! I just got it on the network and have been watching some videos on YouTube and trying to read through messages here but I have a few questions - some which may be dumb but I need to ask them anyway...

Hoops - I'm presuming that none of the hoops from the 11000 fit the 15000. I did see that someone regretted not keeping their 11000 because of lack of small hoops on the 15000 - any additional comments about this?

Feet - are the feet interchangeable from the 11000 and/or 7700? I have some additional feet from those 2 machines--didn't want to try them without knowing -

embroidery unit - except for using the plastic table is there any reason to take the embroidery unit off when you are just sewing?

I'm excited to get playing on this and sewing out some LARGE designs that I have only coveted until now. I got a great deal on this machine and see that I do need to upgrade to V2 -


Barb Engvall

Throwing confetti in the air, Jim says:
Congratulations! I'm sure you'll love your new addition.

Now for the questions -
Hoops - No, none of the 11000 hoops will work on the 15000. You will be missing the 4 x 4 (which is really 4 x 5) and 5 x 7. The 5 x 7 is available as optional hoop RE-18, but is currently out of stock at most dealers due to demand.

Feet - All of your 11000 feet are made for a 7mm foot holder, so they cannot be used on the 9mm foot holder that comes with the 15000. What you can do is unscrew the foot holder from the 11000 and screw it on to the 15000. You can then use all of the snap on feet from the 11000. Feet that screw on can also be used, but in both cases do not exceed 7mm in stitch width.

Embroidery unit - There is no need to remove it unless you are traveling or need to clear the left mechanism in a cabinet.

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