Re: VM Fusion help



I use Parallels to run Windows XP on my Mac notebook. I had no problems installing the Windows XP software that came with my old Dell PC, I just entered the numbers and registered online.
Before I bought Parallels I tried it a month for free and just before the 30th day I received an offer with a nice discount if I bought it. So it is worth to wait for that. And because I waited until the end of the trial period, it was already August so when they upgraded Parallels I was entitled to a free upgrade (didn't know that but they emailed me to notify me)

I use Parallels to run Embird and EQ7 and the software that came with the 12000. The only problem I have is that my machine and the Mac can't communicate, probably because my XP version is 32 bits and Janome needs 64 bits.

But most of the time I store my embroidery designs on an USB stick and put that in the machine.

And my machine came with a small Acer notebook with Windows 7 (starter version) and the Horizon Link and Stitch Composer already installed. So if I want to use Horizon link, I can use this Acer.

Coming Tuesday my dealer has an introduction of the new software, but it will cost 1299 Euro's and that is above my budget right now. I will go and just have a look to see what it does. And there are also new feet for the 12000 so I will probably buy one or two.

The Netherlands

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