Using a MAC and a Virtual Machine

Cheryl Paul


I have a MacBook Pro and for the past 6½ years I have used both VM Ware Fusion and Parallels, with great success.  I'm not sure why folks are fearful of putting Windows via a virtual machine on their MAC's as both work so seamlessly and integrate well.  I have not had a virus, but I am careful and try to only access the internet using the MAC side of the computer, however, there are a few times where I need to use it from Windows - i.e.:  when I'm using my Floriani software and want to see parts that need the internet.  I try not to do that often as I'm not sure how well I'm virus protected, but I feel that sewing sites aren't major targets for those wanting to do damage.  

For anyone that already owns Digitizer MBX, or other sewing software that is for Windows, I highly recommend the virtual machine route.  It really is very safe and also efficient.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

PS:  Happy Thanksgiving everyone, especially the Canadians celebrating this weekend.

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