Re: Automatic Needle Threader on 15000

Cheryl Paul


I don't know what your machine does, but my 15000 WILL NOT thread if I don't have the lock engaged.  I have had everything ready to go (unlocked of course) pushed the needle threader button, and the machine tells me off.  So I've held the thread so that it isn't slack, locked and tried to thread.  Mine at this time will not thread the needle but it does go through the motions, but it just doesn't catch.  I've taken the thread out started from scratch, but still no go.  I have resorted to using eye strain and threading the good old fashioned way - by hand.  Don't let your dealer bully you, as I really believe that if your machine engaged the threader when it wasn't locked, THAT would have been the mistake - a problem with the machine not you.

I'm complaining but really shouldn't as I haven't gone in to my dealer and discussed this with the technician that got the 10 out of 10 to work a month or so ago.  I've heard that there was to be a fix or improvement for the threader, but don't know if that is just a rumour or not.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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