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The clear covering that came on your machine was just packaging. After a few weeks of use it would start to fray and tear. Something more substantial is needed to protect the surface from pins, zippers, and other objects of destruction. This company makes a product that is used by the military to protect helicopter blades from shrapnel in battle:
They also make a product called "Invisible Shield" for protecting phone and computer screens. That's the type of material that is needed. They only make pre-cut kits to exactly fit specific devices, but you might contact them to see whether they could make it available in sheet form.

On the other hand, the machines are made to be used. While the steel surface may build up a scratch or six, it's far more durable than the early 6500 machines that started dropping paint flakes within weeks of purchase. I suspect most of us on the list remember "back in the day" (translation: 50s & 60s) when mothers encased their furniture in plastic to protect it from the ravages of, well, us. It was no fun to sit on, looked weird, and the fad didn't last that long. I think covering our machine surfaces is akin to that. It comes down to whether you plan to replace your machine when the 13000 (or whatever) comes out in 5 years. If this is truly your "last" machine (and perhaps you've already bought your last machine 3 or 4 times!) then why not just use it and not worry about a few scratches?

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I was wondering if it is possible to get more of that clear adhesive that came with the machine to protect the metal from the hoop. I do a lot of sewing and use a lot of pins and I can see scratches on the steel plate on the right side of the needle plate already :(

I would like to get some more protective adhesive to cover this side of the plate also

Kris in Aus who loves her 12000

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