Re: In a Janome advert!

Gail Berkler

Congrats on your success 

On Tuesday, October 7, 2014, Estelle Torpy emtorpy@... [janome12000] <janome12000@...> wrote:

I just received my American Quilter mag and was delighted to know who did the sample quilt in the Janome ad. Congratulations Sarah!

I attended a quilting retreat this past weekend where my 15000 got quite a workout and passed with flying colors! Sewing for three solid days and into the night!
The lighting on that machine, the beautiful straight stitch, quilting with the fabulous walking feet and the ease of use made the sewing such a pleasure.
I took my iPad with Jim and Diane’s app in place of the owner’s manual. Thank you Jim and Diane!

There was a women there who is getting a new machine for Christmas and of course I was happy to show off all of Janome’s fine features.

Happy stitching, Estelle

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