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I haven't used Virtual Box in nearly two years. Back then it simply did not work with Janome's Digitizer software. They've had plenty of time to fix it, so I'll give it another shot when I get the time.

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I'm new here, and you're all a wealth of knowledge on the new Janome (a big thanks!), but here's just a shameless plug for VirtualBox if you want to run a virtual machine environment on a Mac. It's free and every bit as easy to install as Fusion or Parallels, and it has the advantage of offering free updates, as opposed to nickel-and-diming you to death with paid upgrades every time you turn around. Personally, I keep a cheap old Windows laptop around just to run my few remaining Windows embroidery software packages, but there's nothing wrong with running a virtual machine on a Mac, for sure. ;)

Lee B.

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