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norma carson

Looks like this is the group I need to be asking my questions (been asking my Embird group not too many have Macs I guess). I just got my MacBookPro (love it but) now I'm trying to run my Digitizing software on it (almost had it then...). So I downloaded and installed Windows 8 (with the help of support from Microsoft) with parallels. They assured me the 8.1 update would be no problem but just when I thought it was all done (got to the configuring phase) I lost everything! Can't even get 8 to run and also lost Embird (I'm sure it's there somewhere I just don't know where). So now today going back to Microsoft for more help.  My question for you is: should I be using VM or is the parallels OK? Also what about Windows 7? I wonder if they would let me trade in 8 for 7? I apologize as I know this is off topic, but it seems like there are more knowledgeable people on this group. If you want to take the time with me please reply off group. TIA
Norma Carson
 Answering virtually, Jim says:
Parallels is updated frequently, always in search of better speed and more features. The problem is that they often break something in an update and it can cripple existing virtual machines until they fix what they broke. VMware Fusion is on a slower update cycle, but they rarely break existing VMs.

You are in a somewhat tenuous position right now, because of Windows Product Activation (WPA). You can only activate a copy of Windows twice. After that you have to call Microsoft support, give them a 40-digit number and enter a different 40-digit number that they give back to you. This exchange can only happen after you have convinced them that you are not trying to install it on more than one computer or are using an illegal copy.

What you need to do before starting over is to visit the Parallels website and make sure you have the latest version. If you bought a boxed product it could well be out of date. Also visit the forum to see if there are a lot of problems with updating Windows 8 to 8.1 under Parallels. Windows 7, in my opinion, is a far better version and if you are able to downgrade to that it would be worth doing.

Another option is Virtual Box, which is free. It's not as user-friendly as Parallels or VMware, but it's pretty stable and keeps getting better. I haven't used it with Windows 8, because I stayed with Windows 7 for those occasions when I need Windows.

If you need further help write me off-list: jim.stutsman@....

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