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Yes, I do use VMware Fusion for running Windows on my Mac. I've been using it for 5 years now, and couldn't be happier. The VMware Converter *can* convert a running PC to a Fusion virtual machine, BUT there are some considerations:

If the computer to be migrated is using an OEM copy of Windows, you cannot convert it. What is OEM? That stands for "Original Equipment Manufacturer". In those computers the Windows is licensed for use on that exact computer ONLY. You cannot use it on any other computer. How do you know if you have an OEM computer? If it's a Dell, HP, Toshiba, or Sony it's OEM. If it has a sticker on it with the Windows serial number, it's OEM. As you can see, MOST computers sold use OEM Windows and will not convert.

Now here's where it gets weird. If you cannot convert your current computer, you must buy a copy of Windows. The cheapest type of Windows is an OEM copy? What???? Yes, OEM, but in this case YOU are the manufacturer. Microsoft's licensing says that OEM copies can only be sold with hardware. Their intent was to make it available to hobbyists who want to build their own computer. The mail order guys quickly figured out that "hardware" could be anything. So when you buy an OEM copy of Windows there will be a small screw in the box. That's the hardware.

If you do manage to convert a running PC, there is the problem of Windows Activation. In order to combat piracy, Microsoft requires new Windows installations to be "activated". They do a very complex series of computations to record all the hardware in your computer into a large number. Activation causes that number, and your Windows serial number, to be sent to Microsoft. They look it up in a database to make sure that the serial number is valid. If it is, they see if it has been installed before. If it has, they check the hardware "magic number" to see if the hardware is different from the original installation. If it has changed they will send back a long series of number to your screen, along with a phone number that goes to a call center. The call center will grill you to make sure you are installing it on the same computer, or if you have a generic "boxed" copy that you are replacing the computer with a new one. Then they will give you a different long number that you key in and you are activated. They will almost always approve the activation, so it's just an annoying step that you have to go through.

That's probably more than anyone wants to know, so if you have further questions just email me off list. Moving to a Mac is well worth doing and I'm always willing to help folks get there.

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Jim I want to use my Mac for Embroidery software, I read about "VMware Converter" to bundle up Windows PC and it sends it all over to the Mac in one go. Just wondering if you know anything about this. Also I assume you have to have VM Fusion installed on the Mac before doing so.
Thanks for any info. Liz

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