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No, I do not know any of the parties in question, but it has been widely distributed to newspapers all over the world. Here are two:

And with that I pronounce the whole PayPal topic well and truly CLOSED!

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Hi Jim,

you wrote:
Even worse is what happened to a young lady who sold a violin on eBay
with PayPal (owned by eBay) payment. The buyer decided he didn't want
it. She asked him to ship it back, and offered to pay for it. He
contacted PayPal to cancel the sale. They said they could only do that
if he provided proof it was damaged, so he smashed it to bits and sent
them the picture. The seller is now out both her violin and $2,000.

Do you know this young lady personally? Or did you hear it as a story as
it might be just an urban legend.

Because in this case Paypal was right to refuse to refund as there was
nothing wrong with the sale. The right thing would have been that the
lady had paid the amount back to her seller through Paypal. No need to
smash a violin for that.


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