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The main piece is the extra spool pin that came with your machine. It's item 33 on page 3 of the instruction book. The other pieces are a small red ring of felt, included with just about every other Janome machine ever made, except this one, and what Janome calls a "tray", also furnished with many Janome models, but not this one. It's about the size of the large spool cap (item 31 on page 3), but has raised sides. Your dealer may have it, or can order it as part number 829803004.

To assemble this rig, we placed the *OPTIONAL* spool tray over the round hole on top of the machine. The felt is placed over the hole in the tray. The spool is place on top of the felt and then the extra spool holder (item 33) is placed, pin down, through the holes in the other parts and into the round hole on top of the machine.

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I've looked at the picture of this setup but still don't get what pieces are being used. Can someone explain exactly how this done? Thanks.

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