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Jim_Stutsman <jim@...>

Yep, that works - very creative! One warning, though. It would be a good idea to put something under the spool, such as a spool felt ring or the round tray that comes with the square-bottomed extra spool pin on other models. The reason for this is that the turning spool, or the label on it, will leave marks on the top of your machine over time. I saw this a lot on older machines coming in for repairs, and it was sometimes impossible to clean off all the accumulated ink and label glue.

I've put a picture of this set-up in Diane's Discoveries, although it's actually Peg's discovery!

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Hi Jim, I wondered if you have tried the spool pin that we have to wind the bobbin as a vertical pin. I found that if you turn this upright the stem of the pin will fit in the designated spot and will accomodate quite a few different size spools as long as they aren't too tall. Hope some of you try this. Peg in FL

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