Horizon Link Suites Update


I thought I saw somewhere that there was an update to Horizon Link Suites that adds the new RE18 hoop.  I have updated my 15000 to version 1.10  and MBX to 4.5. I have no problem seeing the RE18 hoop in the machine or in MBX, but to get a design in the new hoop I have to change it in the machine and it is off center. I have HLS version 1.01 and that is the latest I can find on the Janome site. Is there one that one that adds the new hoop or am I just dreaming?

Thanks for your help.


Savannah TX

Briefly leaving his constant state of dreaming, Jim says:

The Janome Global Site is always the first place to go for updates. It's often a long time between when they appear there and when they make it to janome.com. The update you are looking for is here.

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