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I believe we are getting a bit off task on all the advantages of our Janome 12000.

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Well Ladies and Gentlemen,
I believe I sold my 11000 SE...soooo, I will call my dealer tomorrow...he is closed today!! and order my 12000. Hopefully, he has it in stock. At least he did two weeks ago, just waiting for me. I am just praying that the lady buying my machine goes through with it. I spoke with her on the phone and she sounds lovely and sincere. She is supposed to be sending the bank check out today and when it clears, I will ship the machine.
Does anyone know how pay pal works with a large sale? I'm only used to doing small money sales and don't know if pay pal will only release the aloted $500.00 a month till I collect the whole amount. The gal buying asked me to do pay pal, but I told her I wasn't sure how it worked with a larger sum of money. Any guidance? Should I just stick to the bank check and wait for clearance?
Oh, I know I'll have some questions once my machine gets here, but in the meantime, I'm reading everything I can in the files and all the digests. What a wonderful group this is! Thank you so much!
Gloria in MA

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