Re: Buttonhole Woes


Actually, I kind of have it in mind to get a 15000 when things calm down from getting used to being a heart patient this past year.  But now my dealer seems to have fallen in love with the new Brother and doesn't even have one for me to look at!

Meanwhile, I'm more than willing to buy the other R foot, which I think I would need to go with the stabilizer plate.  I would say 3/4 of the clothes I make need buttonholes so this is very frustrating!

I don't quite understand what part of foot R would be hollowed out for the sensor plate, but taking the R foot from the 11000 and comparing to the one on  my 6500 (not being able to find the one for the 10000 at the moment) they are identical, so I am assuming both are the old style and I would need to get the new R foot as well? 


Despite being an old style, Jim says:
The foot from the 11000 should be the new style with the hollow space where it snaps onto the stabilizer plate. I don't remember seeing any of the old style with that machine. If you flip the foot over and you see a space on the bottom that is hollowed out, that's the one you need. The old style is solid on top and bottom.

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