My 15000 App

Cheryl Paul

Good Morning Diane and Jim,

I am now sort of caught up on my exhaustion from the weekend sewing retreat I was on and able to look at the App properly.

I want to Thank You for the development of such the wonderful tool that you have provided for the 15000 owners.  I learned things that I didn't know the machine could do and they are short cuts for what I have previously been doing.  I especially enjoyed learning Horizon Link so much better.  I tended to go to Digitizer when I want to do things, but that is sometimes "overkill" for what is needed at the time.  I just know it so well and didn't take the time to read all the "HELP" in HL for either my 12000 or 15000.  Now I can just refer to the video and go from there.  By the way, Diane, that quilt in demo is lovely.

The friend, that received my gift of this app, is appreciative also.  I really needed something with a sizzle to give to her for her birthday in November and then Christmas as well and this sure fit the bill.  She always has special little things for me - and I'm not good at that at all.  I'm her driver to all sewing events, so we have gotten to know each other very well since we met after our retirements.  I told her husband that I was going anyway, so there is no big deal in picking her up.  She and I did a month to Arizona in January of 2013 - we had a blast.  We're doing a driving holiday at the end of February this winter, to get out of the cold and snow for a couple weeks.  Puyallop, here we come and then off to California before the return home journey.  We'll be visiting lots of quilt and sewing shops along the way.  No hurry, except to get to the show in Puyallop.

I just needed to let the two of you know that you have been an inspiration to my sewing  - so Thank You again.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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