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Karen Cone

I tried making buttonholes on a fleece jacket.  Using my Janome 15000, the automatic sensor buttonhole #2, first it stitched the left side, did a tack and started down the right.  When it went down with the straight stitch it went 1/8 inch below where it should have stopped.  Then it went up the right side and stopped 1/8 inch from the top.  The very first buttonhole came out perfect. Seems the memory isn't quite right.  This also happens on my Janome 10000.  I did use the stabilizer plate.  Frustrated!  Now I will make each one without going automatic.

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I have liked the sound of that stabilizer plate.  But can I get that (and perhaps the associated buttonhole foot) and have it fit the 11000. Or am I going to have to buy the 15000 just to make buttonholes?  I hear what you are saying about fabric but I make a LOT of wool shirts for DH and this particular one is a lovely Pendleton or fine English woolen. Not that thick, smooth, very nice fabric. I would expect it all to be perfect. And I've had the same troubles with cotton broadcloth and such.


Killing a 15000 sale, Jim says:
While I would never discourage anyone from owning a 15000, you can save a few dollars by just buying the stabilizer plate itself. The part number is 200428004. It's made to work with buttonhole foot R that has a hollowed out place on the bottom of the side that the sensor lowers into. If your R foot is solid there you will also need to replace that. You might also need to put a piece of water soluble stabilizer on top. That can keep the stitches of the buttonhole from sinking into the fabric.

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