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A bit out in left field here but  ..... I do all my buttonholes in the hoop.  I can arrange the placement perfectly, stitch them out without any concern over if the buttonhole foot will hang up on those thick seams around neck facings, and it doesn't matter if the fabric is sheer or bulky ..... even works on velour and leather ......  I make/choose the size buttonhole I want and then use the machine software to place them evenly in the hoop.  I hoop tearaway stabilizer, put the garment on top of the stabilizer ... not hooped .... run the baste stitch to secure the garment to the stabilizer [note ... don't run a baste line on leather or velvet ... it marks the fabric] .... and then stitch out the buttonholes.  If the garment needs a line of buttons longer than my hoop I just remove the garment from the stabilizer and repeat the process ...... very easy and very nice consistent buttonholes.  There are lots of buttonhole designs on the internet and many are free.  If you have a Pfaff as a back up machine they let you save your buttonholes as an embroidery design so you can do that.


 I just wish Janome allowed us to bring the buttonholes into the hoop from the stitch module.  ..... anyone at Janome want to tackle that little software update ......  Being able to bring stitches into the hoop is also a big bonus ..... especially for those of us who do heritage designs.




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I have liked the sound of that stabilizer plate.  But can I get that (and perhaps the associated buttonhole foot) and have it fit the 11000. Or am I going to have to buy the 15000 just to make buttonholes?  I hear what you are saying about fabric but I make a LOT of wool shirts for DH and this particular one is a lovely Pendleton or fine English woolen. Not that thick, smooth, very nice fabric. I would expect it all to be perfect. And I've had the same troubles with cotton broadcloth and such.


Killing a 15000 sale, Jim says:
While I would never discourage anyone from owning a 15000, you can save a few dollars by just buying the stabilizer plate itself. The part number is 200428004. It's made to work with buttonhole foot R that has a hollowed out place on the bottom of the side that the sensor lowers into. If your R foot is solid there you will also need to replace that. You might also need to put a piece of water soluble stabilizer on top. That can keep the stitches of the buttonhole from sinking into the fabric.

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