Re: FMQ with non-hopping foot, 15000--Jim

Smith Sarah Ann <sarahannsmith@...>

Thank you again Jim! For everyone, I had been having issues with thread shredding despite being an expert quilter and doing all the usual things to check. Jim reminded me that I was not delusional (at least on this) and that there was a key to adjust foot height—but instead of being in the adjustments area at the bottom (where I had looked) the key was on the TOP of the screen. Makes one wonder WHY it wasn’t down near the tension and other adjustment area, but so it goes. Anyway, Jim and all here’s another question: I had thought that the QO/QV feet and function (the second box down, straight FMQ) were supposed to automatically adjust to the height of the quilt when I asked Janome to try out this machine. On a previous quilt, it would adjust UP to thicker spots on the quilt, but then you have to come to a full stop for it to go back down (WHY? since that defeats the purpose of having automatic adjustments, so you don’t have to stop)….but the real question since Janome only programmed in half of what this foot needs to do is why did mine apparently not adjust down automatically even after stopping. ???? Befuddled…. there are so many brilliant things about this machine, but I think I’m better suited to the 8900! Cheers, Sarah Check out my DVD: Art Quilt Design: From Photo to Threadwork Author of bestseller ThreadWork Unraveled website and blog: e-mail: sarah@... Hopping on one foot, Jim says: I'm guessing that your "skimming"; foot is either the QO or QV foot. If you are using the Applications key for Free Motion Quilting there is a key at the top of the screen that will allow you to adjust the height of the foot up or down.

Wishing he could adjust his height to correlate with his weight, Jim says:
The 15000 adjusts foot pressure automatically, but not height. It can't do that because there is no sensor that detects when the foot is in contact with the fabric. That's why they put the height adjustment key on the machine. When using QO/QV Diane sets the height for the thickest part of the quilt. She's had no issues with shredded thread, which raises the question of whether there might be an issue with your machine that is causing that. If I were servicing that machine for that problem I would look at the edges of the hole in the presser foot for burrs or roughness. I would also check the edges of the hole in the needle plate, though it's rare to have rough edges in the single hole plate. The bobbin case should be removed and checked carefully on top and bottom for rough edges. Finally the inside of the hook race that the bobbin case was removed from should be checked with a piece of nylon stocking for anything that would snag. That area must be smoother than a baby's bum.

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