Re: Button Holes on the Janome 15000

Karen Cone

Thank you, I will give that a try.

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I am making button holes on a jacket using #2 on the machine.  The first button hole came out perfectly!  The machine says it will repeat the same size button hole.  I did this and the left side was fine but the right side went about 1/8 inch below the left side.  Then it started to go up on the right side only to stop and do a tack stitch 1/8/ inch from the top.  What am I doing wrong?  I noticed the same thing on my Janome 10000.  Any help would be fantastic.  Thank you.

Karen C

Jim, whose left side is about 1/8" shorter than his right side, says:

Are you using the buttonhole stabilizer plate? The fact that one came out perfect suggests that the fabric may be thick, stretchy or otherwise difficult. The stabilizer plate will overcome that. For some fabrics, Minkee Blankee for example, some water soluble stabilizer on top can be a great help.

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