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Sherry Martin

I have bought a few bigger items using paypal (less than $1,000 probably) but I always use my VISA card so that if there is a problem I can also file a claim thru my charge card company.

I also have sold a couple sewing machines (one I think around $1200 and one at about $2000) and I waited until the money came thru from paypal and then transferred it back out to my checking account before I mailed the machines. I let the people I sold the machines to know that I wouldn't be sending them until the money was in my bank account.

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I have used PayPal for years, mainly for small purchase items. I had a Janome 350e embroidery machine before buying the 12000, and I paid online to various embroidery design companies for their designs using Paypal. I was able to download the designs immediately, the transactions were under $50 and took less than 15 minutes from start to finish. One time I bought a CD of dog designs from an eBay vendor when eBay quit allowing downloads, and one of the designs wouldn’t load up. I emailed the seller and she sent me the file as an email attachment the next day.

I am show secretary for a number of dog shows and many times people pay their entry fees to me via PayPal. I have yet to have a problem with these types of transactions. If something were to go wrong with a transaction I would withhold their permit to show on the day of the show until they made it right with cash. I’ve had more problem with bounced checks than I’ve ever had with PayPal. If things ever got “hinky� after a show, I have my records to back me up and the American Kennel Club will support me.

That being said, I will NOT be selling my vintage sports car on eBay using PayPal. One has to use common sense regarding big ticket items!

Shopping on eBay is similar to a raffle â€" can you afford to be out that money if you don’t get the item? I’m cheap when it comes to raffles â€" usually about $5 is my limit â€" mainly to support the organization as most of the time there isn’t anything I want or need; however, if there is something I really want at a raffle, I’ll buy $25 worth of tickets or a “stretchâ€�. If my number is picked, great! If not, the organization still benefits which is the bottom line for me!

As for violins and destroying them â€" I hope the person who did this ends up in “elevator hellâ€� where the canned music coming thru is a 4th grader just starting out practicing violin lessons!


Houston, TX

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