Buttonhole Woes


My problem is not on the 12000 or 15000, so I apologize for writing here but no one in the 11000 group seems to have had this problem to advise me. What's happening is that the wonderful, dependable, perfect Janome buttonholes I have been loving for the past 12-13 years suddenly are no longer dependable. It may make a buttonhole or it may not. Or it may make half a dozen and then go flaky on me. What happens when it goes flaky is that it will satin stitch about 5/8 of an inch (usually up the first side but not always) and then it stops and stitches a big glob in place. It seems like it's more likely to do this if the machine has been on for some hours but again, this is not a necessary condition. I made DH a wool shirt last winter and it took me weeks of cursing and ripping out to get all but one buttonhole done. I would make a sample or two, then with luck it would do 2-3 good buttonholes and then a bad one to rip out. I'm at something of a loss to understand this as I am not a novice buttonhole maker! And the truly weird thing is, my 10000 and my 6500 are flaky in just the same way. This I really do not understand. In desperation I even read the manual, thinking I forgot something. I hadn't. Any ideas? I'm almost wondering if some sensor or chip has gone peculiar from the passage of time. I've had my 11000 since about a year after it came out, the 10000 since 2001, and the 6500 I got when they came out. All go in for regular service. TIA for any help. Mary

Stunned by a blizzard of buttonhole problems, Jim says:
The fact that you are getting the same results on three different machines proves it's not a sensor issue. Depending on the thickness of the fabric, the R buttonhole foot can have a lot of difficulty staying consistent. That's where the buttonhole stabilizer plate comes in. It allows the foot to work properly no matter what the fabric is.

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