3 Tension settings?


 I'm new to embroidery and have only had my 15000 for 4 months.  This weekend I was stitching an embroidery design and the bottom thread was showing on top. 


When I looked, there was tension setting for the sewing maching - I didn't touch, and tension setting for the embroidery on the machine (main settings)- which didn't help adjusting it, AND there was a tention setting on the embroidery design itself -- which did fix it.


I don't understand the two tension settings for embroidery.  Why didn't the setting on main embroidery settings work? Can anyone help me?




Jim's take on tension:

The adjustment on the SET screen is a fine tuning type of adjustment, allowing the normal tension to be a little tighter or a little looser. It affects all designs. Adjusting the tension of one color in a design is sometimes necessary because of a particular thread, such as metallic. In your case, though, the entire problem might have been avoided by using the yellow dot bobbin case. It was included with the machine specifically for solving bobbin thread pulling up to the top.

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