MC15000 Thread Wound Around Bobbin Winder



I tried to wind a bobbin but ended up with thread wound around underneath the little thing that cuts the thread.  I've tried to unwind it but have been unsuccessful.  Is there a trick or do I need to take it in?  Also I know when changing thread to cut at the spool and pull at the needle but is it better to have the machine locked or unlocked when doing that?  Thank you so much for your help.


Trying to unwind, Jim says:

Things that turn at high speed can create the technician's nightmare. The only trick I know is patience and time. You don't have much access to get to the thread, so it's difficult to get started. I would suggest a long needle, such as a tapestry needle, that can reach under the cutting disk. Tease at the thread to see if you can free up an end long enough to grab with tweezers. Once you have the end of it you can slowly turn the winder stem in reverse while pulling and eventually get it out. Failing that I would suggest a trip to your technician. A plate of brownies wouldn't hurt.

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