needle left position

vicki chrobak

I was working on a project this morning which I needed to have my foot to the right of the fabric & stitching to the far left--zigzag or satin stitch. Basically, I am working on a clock with a foam core center. ( I had to work counter clockwise because of the clock's diameter). I had about 3/8" to 1/2" fabric around the circumference that I wanted to finish the edges on. But the foot's left toe along with the middle zigzag needle position wouldn't let me work close enough to the foam core ( because of its height). Right now I'm hand - stitching the edge. Probably I've overlooked something obvious as to which stitch & foot to use because I'm new to Janome. Guess I was spoiled by Viking with being able to set needle positions. Any ideas?

Vicki Jo

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