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Patricia Ward

Erin, I have to agree with you on the holding investment company that is now making the machines. I feel so sorry for people who think they are buying a genuine Viking or Pfaff and getting what is now being produced. It pays to do homework. I had even looked at that newest Viking until I looked at the price, where it was made and did some research on where they are built and looked for repair records.  I had seen some quilting thing on You Tube where they were using this embroidery feature that was some endless border thingy and it peaked my interest.    Well that interest was dead after I saw who made them!!!

As to Anne's concern that the Viking comes with 11 bobbins?   Do you know the relative expense of bobbins compared to machine repairs?   The bobbins themselves are not expensive. 
As to the sideways sewing... I have it on my Bernina Artista that I have had quite a while and have only used it once or twice. I was not that excited about it.

Now the 15000? I love it.   I had the 12000 and moved up... I did just what you did with the manuals... I sat with them side by side and made a list of the things that the 15000 had that I needed or wanted.  Well that list won.  Now I am so happy that I did make the decision to move up because not only are those extra features there but the machine sews so smoothly... the 12000 sewed wonderfully well and I free motion quilted quite a few things with it and was pleased; I love the embroidery..... but there is a different feel to the 15000 that I can't explain other than more power and more smooth.  I just love it. 

The black screen...  so you pretend it isn't even there.  And you can change the background color.  Cosmetic things on a machine do not bother me as much as the repair record, the functionality, the features and the ease of using it. To me the Janome wins hands down! 


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Anne, I have the Janome 9900 and LOVE it.  I would seriously look at some of the information on the Viking.  Since the SVP holding company owns Singer, Viking and Pfaff the reliability and innovation all three brands has evaporated.  Basically they are selling low quality machines under trusted names and charging the consumer big bucks.  Lots of info about this on the net. 


I would go with Janome or Babylock if it were me. 

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