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I admit I initially had difficulties with the 15000 but not with the threader.  We couldn't get it to connect to the iPad.  My dealer replaced the machine not once, but twice (both machines were shipped to Janome as no one could figure out why they wouldn't work).  The third machine was the winner and I've had no trouble with it at all.  Love everything about it.  I still have my 10001 - kept it for the 5x7 hoop, but now that I have the new RE18 hoop, I probably won't use it much...just keep it as a backup.  




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I'll start the discussion off.  I have owned both the 12000 and the 15000. I got my 15000 as soon as it came out, so it's been almost a year.  I have never had a moment of trouble with either, but definitely never with the 15000.  The needle threader works great and I truly love my machine.  Happy sewing.
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Well said. I have often thought the same thing.
Maybe we should ask all those 12000/15000 owners, who never have problems, to write in and say so.
I have yet to find any piece of equipment, craft or otherwise, where there wasn’t a problem of some sort!!!
Forums are the first place to go for help, aren’t they?


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