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I don't understand where you are gettting that measurement from.

The advertising literature for the 15000 states -
Size with embroidery unit:
W 24.6” x H 12.7” x D 14.6” (W 624 x H 322 x D 370 mm)
• Size without embroidery unit:
W 24.6” x H 12.7” x D 10.1” (W 624 x H 322 x D 257 mm)

I've just found and downloaded and read the manual from here -

Page 104 states that the embrodiery unit when open needs an additional 13ins depth - so that makes the total depth with open embroidery unit 14.6 + 13 = 27.6 ins - unless my maths is wrong!

Whilst the machine is 24.6 ins wide it shows that the embroidery unit when open needs 28.75 ins of width space - so to me that means it takes up a total space of 28.75 ins wide and 27.6 ins deep? - so I'm thinking if I allow 30ins width by 30ins depth it would fit in fine?  - but maybe the start of the measurement for the embroidery unit is over a little bit from the left hand side which is why you say 34ins wide?

It's only the depth that is important to me anyway as it will be sitting on top of an open sewing cabinet.  Either one like this I bought off ebay - (I never close it) or my original one bought for my old Elna - - which unfortunatey has the small opening and gas lift, not the large one they do now (wonder if they can send me a new top!).  Since the whole open cabinet will be moved out from the wall for the embroidery function there will be more than enough room for the unit to move to the left.

By the way I find the manual ok as a pdf as you can search for anything you want - but there is one thing - I think it is very condescending just to mention using a red top needle, or a purple topped needle or saying only to use the twin needle supplied.  Surely it would be much more positive and enabling to actually state the needle sizes and types and explain about what size gap you can use on your twin needle - I know it sort of gives this in a chart early on but just mentions the colours all the way through the manual as far as I have read.  Just my thoughts. :0)

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the machine is also 34 in. wide with the embroidery arm fully extended. This includes the room for the power cord and foot control plug-ins.
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Hi All

I'm trying to work out how much space I need in my sewing studio for either the 12000 or the 15000 (now I am leaning towards the 15000, earlier this week the 12000 - decisions, decisions!)

I've read the specs for both machines and the width of the machines are given with and without embroidery units - but what I can't find is the additonal space you need behind the machine with the embroidery arm open.  Could somebody tell me the full width from the front to the back of both machines including the arm when it's open?

I currently have a sewing cabinet which is 20ins out from the wall - the cabinet itself is about 18ins wide so there is no trouble fitting either machine on it - even though they are longer than the adjustable shelf to lower a machine (which is only 18ins long) so it will just have to sit on top and I will need to get something to raise my seat height.  I have an adjustable chair but it's on it's max at the moment as I am very short - just 5ft.  I'm thinking I may have to fit a larger top on the cabinet to accomodate the large table with the machine (though there may be enough room to support the legs maybe), even if it's just a temporary piece on top, but won't look at that until I've bought it anyway.

The cabinet is on wheels so can easily be moved further out from the wall to accommodate the embroidery unit open, and then pushed back in when it's closed - always assuming I don't have that large temporary piece on top for the additional machine table - I would just like to know how far it would need to come into the room. 

I would have no problem lifting the machine around - I have several vintage machines which weigh just as much and I move them back and fore into the cabinet as desired. 


With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.  "Desiderata" Max Ehrmann

Pushing away from the wall, Jim says:
If you have 18 inches from the back of the machine to the wall you'll be fine. Both machines have the same carriage, which is 17.5 inches from the back of the machine to the end.

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