Re: Instruction Manuals for the Horizon Suite Software

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Carolyn,Thank you for this!  I've been hoping to find a way to easily print out PDFs.  I printed mine out one by one and it seemed to take forever. I punched holes in it and have it in a 3-ring binder.  Now to read it!Ceil
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I created my own Horizon Suite manual for the 15000.  I have the ability of printing the files in .pdf format.  Once I did this for all the help files I then combined them into a 167 page manual with and index.  Could not post the document in the files folder here because it is too large (20 mb).  If anyone knows of a way I can do this, let me know.

BTW:  I use a free pdf program called PDF995.  The program will allow me to print files in .pdf, combine and extract pdf documents aas well as other features.   


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